About us

Hi, I am Adam and along with my partner James we run Vintage Vegan Candle Co.

We set the business up in lockdown 2020. Having worked in events and theatre as a lighting designer and programmer, my job ended instantly in the pandemic.  I have always been fascinated by light and decided to explore the ancient art of candle making. 

Our range of candles follow a vegan ethos. They do not contain gelatine and all fragrance oils are cruelty free. Our diffusers are made from a soy base derived from a renewable energy source. We are a plastic free business and purchase all our materials from small independent businesses from around the UK. Our products are fully recyclable. 

Why vintage? We pour our candles and diffusers in old amber medicine jars and each item comes wrapped in a historic newspaper article ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s. 


This year we decided to name our products after countries from around the world. We both love to travel and the scents are inspired by places we have been to or places we want to go to. 

For each sale through this website, a tree is planted in Madagascar.